Director - Bio

My name is Ahava Sarah Fischer. Originally from the tropical island of Singapore. I studies in Australia and was based in America for over 15 years. 


My husband Tom Fischer and myself are also evangelists. We run Cardboard Box Church which brings the church to the streets.

Prior to full-time ministry I was a successful producer based in Los Angeles. We produced extreme sports content & were known the popular award-winning series of motocross movies 'THE GREAT OUTDOORS.'

After coming to Christ, my life radically changed. I left Los Angeles and headed to Asia. I sought time alone, growing in the knowledge of the Lord.


Soon I found myself married to an evangelist and in full-time ministry. Needless to say, everything changed in a very short span of time. I found myself ministering with my husband in Holy-Spirit led adventures across America and even the world.

A few whirlwind years later, I was inspired to create inspirational media that would touch audiences to live their best life and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

AWE & WONDER Studios was born!


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